Endowments & Foundations

Institutional-Quality Wealth Management Services for Smaller Endowments and Foundations

Artemis offers and provides a comprehensive set of wealth management services for its E&F clientele:

  • Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (“OCIO”) services

  • Strategic asset allocation and dynamic portfolio rebalancing

  • Manager selection, administration and due diligence

All Artemis E&F Clients have direct access to Artemis Principals

Artemis has particular expertise in customized ESG/SRI portfolio construction in adherence to its institutional clients’ Investment Policies (see “ESG Investing Capabilities” Section)

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Conventional OCIO
Artemis OCIO
Initial Asset Allocation Advice
Ongoing Allocation Advice
Global Tactical & Strategic Reallocation of Exposures
Active Hedging During Times of Market Stress
Manager Selection
Ongoing Due Diligence
Customized ESG/SRI Investments
Accountability of Performance
Benchmark Performance Metrics
Published Track Record
IC Committee Tutorials
24/7 Access to Principals